About Isabelle, Founder and trainer of GlamChatStudio

I have entered the videochat world in 2002, as a studio model. Furthermore I have continued as an independent model.

I was searching for something that I would enjoy doing, something that would stimulate my rich imagination. Something without involving too much nudity because I was a bit introverted and shy. I was totally unexperienced and it has been a long journey to the person and the business woman I am today.

The main guidelines in my life have always been dedication, hard work and the desire reinvent myself and to exceed my limits. Through them, I have become one of the important figures in the videochat industry.

I have dedicated many years perfecting myself. I perfected the character who stood in front of the webcam and that brought me recognition and, countless times, the highest ranks of the Top 10 of the site I have been working on.

Years of work have led me to a better understanding of the industry.

I have come to the conclusion that although every model who works on a videochat site is working independently, we all have to work as a team, for a common goal and that is preserving the top quality of what we offer as webcam models.

With that idea in mind, I have started to reach out to models, share my experience and teach as much as I could.

My studio has been born out of the desire to give a chance to other women to learn from someone else’s experience. I also want them to discover a job that would improve the quality of their lives. My studio teaches a different approach of the videochat.

It is a unique vision, with training sessions that prepare the models for almost any situation they might encounter. We are able to dp this combining the knowledge required for all the categories of the videochat.

The models of my studio have been present countless times for the past 3 years on the highest ranks of the top of ImLive. We are the only studio in the world, activating in another category than Girls, which was present multiple times in Top5 of LiveJasmin and even on the first place.

All of these accomplishments have made us the leaders of the category we activate in.

This studio and its achievements are the result of a team effort, a team led by myself. My husband and the person who I can describe as my best disciple, who has become my studio’s manager and my right hand.

The three of us have dedicated our lives until now to support the models who chose to work with us and to help maintain the highest standards of quality on our partner sites.

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Our efforts have been recognized many times during prestigious events of the adult videochat industry:

Hall Of Fame of all times on Ifriends with more than 100 accountable presences in top 10 – Personal award

LiveCamAwards    2015 -Most Innovative Live Cam Studio

LiveCamAwards    2015 -Best model of the category

LiveCamAwards    2016 -Best model of the category

LiveCamAwards    2016 –Hall of Fame-Personal award

LiveCamAwards    2017 -Best model of the category

Bucharest Summit 2017 -Model of the year of the category

LiveCamAwards    2018 -Best model of the category

LiveCamAwards    2018 -Businesswoman of the Year -Personal award

Bucharest Summit 2018 -Model of the year of the category

LiveCamAwards    2019 -Best model of the category

LiveCamAwards    2020 -Best model of the category

Our work continues. I feel we have more to teach and to achieve. We will continue to reinvent ourselves as a team and as individuals because, as I like to say : “In order to be irreplaceable, you must always be different, so never stop changing!”.

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