Act and behave as a webcam model

I wanna remind you something most of you forget. A member on an adult site is a human being just like you and it has to be treated accordingly. We all have happy or sad moments, desires, frustrations. And that applies to the members also. You see…Every models wants members to be true gentlemen and to attend to her. The problem is we forget most of the times that roles are reversed and we are the ones who have to attend to the member’s wishes.

That is our job. Every model has to understand the members do not come for you to give them an attitude or for you to drain their credit cards on false promises and just look at you do only what you please, regardless of their wishes.

I have always considered respect to be something you have to gain. You can not ask for a man to be a gentleman if you are not behaving like a lady yourself. You have to listen, to be attentive and you have to give him a chance to show you who he is and what he wants .In this business tolerance and keeping your act together are very important keys to succes.

Also, I have seen so many models who react badly to members requests. I know there are people who rush into it and since time is money for both, you and them, but on different ways, of course you do not like the rush. BUT… Never forget you are models on ADULT SITES! Adult related requests are something common here and it shouldn’t come as something unexpected or offensive. SO do not curse a member or kick him or, even worse ban him out of your room just because he had the “audacity” to make an adult related request.

From the outside things look easy. So, the main rule should be this: Pretty girls make money, not so pretty girls don’t stand a chance. But things are not that way at all. It may look like you are selling an image of you body. But what you are really selling is your brain. Personality is extremely important! A smart person knows that only by giving you will be able to receive.

Most of these guys have been around for years, they have interracted with blased models, in bad moods, acting like stars wanna-bees ( without a real base ). It’s no wonder the members started acting in the same manner. It’s time for you to realise that members on adult sites pay huge money to be able to be with each of you. There is so much free porn on the internet. Why would they choose to come and pay a few dollars a minute for porn.

It’s the interraction, the fact that they feel they are closer to you if they can talk to you. So if interraction is what brings them to you, how do you think they would react if they saw you bored, or mad or not in the mood for anything?

Understand that looking your best every day, flirting, having a joyful attitude and fulfilling fantasies are part of your job. That is what your work is all about. That is what brings you the money and it is my personal conviction that noone deserves anything without working for it .

I have personally worked on improving my models attitude because I consider it to be of excruciating importance in both online and real life relationships.

I’d like to give an example. The real STARS, the ones in the cinema or music. These people have no life, they are constantly hunted by fans and paparazzi. They are constantly under pressure and they constantly have to be at their best. Still… they always treat their fans with respect and love. Of course it’s all an act, of course they don’t give a damn about any of them but they have learned or they have been tought that FANS are the ones who make them stars. It’s not the other way around.

Well, that is my job also. To teach you how to be stars, to teach you the importance of having loving fans because the same principles apply in videochat also.

You want money? Then have patience, have good will, act nicely!

When a model steps into my studio I start by evaluating her physically.

Some girls are very beautiful and making them look attractive for members becomes an easy task for me and for them . But, unfortunately, we haven’t been all blessed with looks that make men drop like flies as the first sight. And if you don’t count yourself among the women who are natural knock outs, I encourage you to become one.

A woman can improve her beauty by going to beauty salons to do her hair, her nails, by going to the gym to tone up her body, by selecting beautiful quality outfits, by using make up. I encourage models to take a few make up lessons. The ones who are not able to, they can always use youtube because it’s a great source of information and training. I have always been a perfectionist and i encourage the models with whom i come in contact with to be the same way, at least when it comes to their jobs.

If you want quality, you have to offer quality. You have to look your best every day, buy new outfits at least every two weeks, wear clothes that compliment your body, wear jewelry that go well with your outfits, wear make up every day and refresh it whenever it needs to, do different styles when it comes to your hair. Don’t forget new things are welcomed and atract more visitors.

As far as your settings and webcam, you gotta choose a quality webcam, prefferably HD. One that meets the standards of the site you are working with. You have to offer good lighting conditions. Also don’t alter the natural color of your skin too much by changing the settings of the webcam. Make sure the zoom on your webcam is going to be able to keep your image intact and not become too blurry when you are using it.

As far as your room goes, you have to keep it elegant, clean and inviting. Make sure you have space to stand, to move around, dance or do whatever you can think of that will atract more traffic in your room. You can exibit any tallents you may have.

They will be appreciated and they will make you stand out from the crowd. You can also play games, organise little auctions in free chat for members for what you can offer and that way you keep things entertaining and boost your earnings.

Be happy, be joyful!

Use sound as much as possible because it gets you closer to your members and it makes them feel more connected to you. Mute movies are long gone so don’t be one of them. 🙂 As bad as your english might be, you can at least use music to make things more interesting. You can choose songs with hidden sexy messages. But once the private chat starts and the teasing is over, it’s ideal to turn the music off and just let your voice do the work.

Music, especially loud one, tends to turn the members off and makes them lose focus on you. If you can’t talk, you can at least moan and that is sexier than any music. Also, try to make it sound natural. You don’t have to scream in order to be sexy. Keep it real.

For the duration of my presentation i will try to exhibit as many situations as possible. Situations that can occur during you live sessions and tricks which will help you reach a higher level at your job and will help you not lose yourselves among all the girls who choose to be just a few more jane doe’s.

Although is it basically impossible to predict every situation in which you can find yourselves during your time online , I think these following guidelines or at least what time allows me to tell you, will prove to be a real help in order to have a good start as a videochat model.

I will start with the FREE CHAT.

Free chat is the place where magic begins. It’s the place where you can show your trump cards . This is where you show your beauty and your witt. My job is to show you that what is the most beautiful and most precious about you is the way you think and act like. There are no assholes and no idiots among members, there are only inexperienced models.

Rule no.1: Listen to what they tell you! Try to guess what they want because it’s not as hard as you may think.

CLUE NO.1: Greeting

A good start would be the way he greets you .You can tell a lot about a member from the way he says “hello”. Some can say a simple “hi!” and since that doesn’t say much you look for other clues.

Others can call you “Mistress” and that is clearly telling you he is a slave and will be treated accordingly. Others say” hi sweety!”, “hi honey!”, “hi sweetheart!”. That man is likely to be a nice guy who wants and deserves to be treated in the same manner. Also it is likely to be an older member who wants to spoil you so be polite and sweet.

He might also say: hello, bitch!, Here are two possibilities:

  1. First possibility: he’s dominant, maybe a bit rude also so if are into that you let him know how much you like it but it is important to set certain limits, depending on your skills and the things you are willing to do in a private session. If you are not into dominant guys, you can tell him that and ask him to look for someone else.

2.Second posibility: he is testing to see how you react. Well now your reaction pretty much depends on the style you adopt. If you are the dominant, mistress type then you will keep a severe attitude and you let him know he is not dealling with a domina wanna-be, but without using words that would make him lose interest like”go away loser!”, ” fuck off!”, “get lost!”.

There are rare cases when this type of language is permitted and adviced and that usually happens fetish category which would be an entire different seminar. Basically, if you have a problem with a member, you can adress the administrators of the site.

A SECOND CLUE: The Member’s Name

When you make an account on a site you usualy choose names and passwords that will represent things that mean something for you, something that will bring back good memories memories etc. It’s the same with the men who visit you. A member’s screen-name may give a clue about him, about the things he likes.

He might choose a screen name related to his fetish, related to a movie he’s seen so if you’ve seen it too, you can talk about it a little bit or a screen-name related to his past memories and or fantasies and so on. And that is a great start for a conversation.

There are so many examples I can give you : If he has a name like tinydick, littledick, babydick 99% of the cases he is a fan mem SPH (small penis humiliation) and will be treated as such but start with a light conversation until you figure out just how humiliated he wants be. From personal experience I know members even though they say they like a certain thing, many times they do not know a lot of details about that particular thing or how far you can actualy go with that fantasy.

So do not start directly with: “what a small dick hahahaha”, start with “hi”, “how are you?” What’s ur name?. And build the fantasy up into the conversation step by step. Noone denies the beauty of a quickie but it is important to show your value as a person also and to show that when you say you are experienced into a fetish, that you really know what you are talking about.

Another example: if he has a name like hugedick, bigdick4u, giantcock49, 90% of the cases he is the proud owner of a big cock and trust me, he’s very proud of it so when you get to it don’t forget to whorship and praise it in all its mightiness. :))

leathergloves: leather lover in general and especially leather gloves probably has a pair so , after the introductions, let him know his fetish is yours too ( even if it’s not). you can start by telling him a made-up story of the first time you discovered your passion for leather.

There are so many examples I can give you but time is limited and i believe you got the point so from now on pay a little attention to member’s screen names also.


If he’s young it’s an easy task. You just gotta just tell him how you love every inch of his body, how you love his stamina. If he’s older, flatter him with compliments about his experience, tell him he is a real man who really knows what a woman wants and say you preffer a mature man because of this.

A little tip, if he is an old guy try not to be use the word “old” with him. Use the word “mature”. It sounds better and it’s not making him feel his age that much.

Ok, these are the first 3 clues that might help you know a bit of the man you are talking to at first sight. If you want to know more there are plenty of questions you may ask him. Where he’s from, what does he do for a living, if he is married or has a gf, what does he like in bed and so on…and you can develop those subjects.

As far of your attiude in free chat, if members ask you to show them different parts of the body, don’t ask for tips. If a member likes what he sees and likes that you pay attention to him and you are willing to perform for him, he will give you tips or just step straight into pvt and that way you will gain even more.

Asking for tips before actually doing something to deserve them it’s like you are going to the market and the seller would say:” Here I have a crate with something in it. Give me the money for what is inside it and then you open it and see if you like it or not .” It’s absurd!

You lose a lot if you show so much concern for money, not for fun. Members should know that you are there for fun also, not just for the money.

You will see that many guys have little requests. Be as sexy as you can when you meet these requests.

Always smile, be happy, be playful, make jokes and be genuine . Try to give different answers than other girls do. Stand out from the crowd, play games with the guys, laugh genuinly, dance, just enjoy yourself…

Speaking with members.

First of all…if you are typing instead of talking, don’t use abbreviations. I find them to be very impersonal. Write the entire word as much as possible.

Also don’t allow big gaps into the conversation and don’t be rude. You are the entertainer and you are responsible for making the time he spends with you pleasant. That starts with a pleasant conversation.

Try not get mad if they don’t enter pvt after the first 30 seconds because there are many who want to know something about you before actually stepping in private. They are not doing it because they are assholes or just to annoy you but they want to know if you count yourself among those thousands of models who say “yes” to everything but they are clueless in private. If he asks you something like: “do u like to be a Mistress?” or anything else, don’t give a short answer like, “yes” or “yes, I do”. Details are important. Show the man you know what he’s talking about.

Most of these things that I’ve just told you about can also be discussed in private if the member enters private directly, without the free chit chat.

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All well and good, you got the member in pvt. What happens now?

First rule: Stay calm! Keep yourself together! Yes, he entered private and he pays ! But that’s no reason to freak out and be a completely different person than you were in free chat. It often happens that the psychological effect of money newly integrated into the equation to affect you in a bad manner. Don’t act like money were all you were waiting for.

Don’t get all cramped up. Don’t act like an untouchable princess and get ur butt off the throne and be the girl next door he is looking for. Don’t use pompous phrases like: WELCOME TO MY PRIVATE AREA!Of course you can use that too but only from time to time. A simple welcome is enough.

Speaking of big words, do not use “Would you like to….” “Wanna” Use it! It will give the U.S. girl note and it’s a much more familiar approach that psycologically gets you closer to the members. Don’t have an attitute that makes you look like you are a queen placed on a throne and you will soon ask him to bow and kiss your ring.

When you start talking to a member, the most important thing: Don’t make it sound like an interrogation, so do not ask question after question after question… because it seems like you’re only trying to stall for money and that makes you seem like you are money grubbing bitches.

They know very well you don’t really care about them, that they are just-walking wallets. So realize that when you ask a hundred questions (whose answers you will forget in less than 20 minutes anyway) you do it only to squeeze more money from them and not because you are really interested. So…Keep the illusion that you are interested in them, that when they say something, it’s like they said something that you’ve never heard before or something you have not heard for a long time.

Look enthusiast and happy to talk to him, show him he has your undivided attention, play the role of the woman who is there for him and him only.

Facial expression is very important. Always smile or laugh if he says something funny or even if it’s only funny to him ( at least he is trying to make you enjoy your time together so appreciate it). If he says something that would require a “wow” reaction then let that “wow” show on your face and sound in your voice, even if it’s a trivial thing that I’ve heard hundreds of times before.

Also, as I said before, the comments that accompany your questions and their answers are very important. They make the discussion fluid, time passes without you or him realizing it if the conversation is being held in that manner. Think it like this: You meet a man and, in the next 5 minutes he starts: what’s your name? where are you from? how old are you? are you a virgin? how many times you did it before? Questions after question without showing a real interest in the answers you give.

But if he says: Hi, I am Christian! How are you? I saw a few days ago…you caught my eye…. A smile, a compliment…. Are you from Bucharest?

I was thinking we could have a coffee today or tomorrow if you’d like.

That approach sounds different and it makes you respond in a positive manner.

This is exactly what you should do :

Try to feel relaxed and accomodating because that is what makes the members happy and brings you the money. Try to ask him questions about things you would genuinly be interested in if you met him in the real life. Also, make comments to his answers, try to relate to them by telling him about your own experiences or thoughts about what he just said. Make him feel like he counts for something.

Don’t believe for a minute that guys believe you want them and not their credit cards. A huge percent of them know it but it’s the fantasy they love. Most of them are lonely guys with no social life or too busy to actually go out and talk to people and release pressure. So they come to you and it’s your job to make them forget you are there only to get paid.

After you found out what his name, age, location, eventually what he does for a living if he is still willing to talk to you instead of getting to the show you can talk to him more, find out more about him. There are so many things you can find out about a man if you open up. Even if your opening up is just a fantasy it will make you feel closer to you and open up too. You can create a life for yourself, an invented one. The only thing…tell everyone the same story, don’t tell different things because you might mix them up and look like a fool.

You can get personal and ask him about his family, girlfriends and so on. Also talk about your life if he seems interested. Again make up a story. It’s best to say you are single. Of course we all know it is forbidden to date members outside the sites and it is a rule I strongly approve BUT , again, it’s all about the fantasy. If he knows you are single then in his mind he will think he might have a chance. That will make him visit you again even if you let him know you can not date him.

Very important : WHEN you talk about your EX. (not real anyway) NEVER be melancholic! Members don’t come to hear you crying your eyes out about your ex. Be sure that he starts questions about him, he only wants to know stories from “the sack” or what your type of man is.

Play the fantasy in detail. How big his cock was, how did you suck him, how you guys fucked, turn him on by telling him everything in detail. But be sure to stop him from cumming too soon by asking him from time to time little questions regarding him own experiences or if he likes what you’re telling him.

There are so many things you can talk about with a man that visits your room. Little things like where is he from for example. Providing you learn about USA’s geography and states, you will be able to carry on a small conversation on that theme.

Also…Learn something about each sign and ask what his sign is. You can find flattering things about every sign, things that would boost up your guy’s ego and make him treat you nicer just so that he could live up to what you believe about him.

Since we are working on adult sites it is very important that 70% of the conversation to have a sexy shade (make allusions, analogies to sexy things but turn them around when you get too close to actually doing a show if you can) even if you got them out of the sexy mood with a joke or sumthing or you changed the subject, there still remains the promise for the show to come. And you get more money without them realising you are actually stalling a bit.

You will see there are many guys who are in a total hurry and anything you might say to make them spend at least a minute on talking to you doesn’t work. Well, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Play with them if that is what they want. You will still get paid, also, speding time in private will increase your rating on the site and it will also make the other members curious about the reason why you are in private.

Even when they are in a hurry rememeber this is an adult site not the army so don’t just take your panties off and start at it… Tease him with words and with your body, show yourself all naked, put up a sexy show for him to show him you are in the mood too.

Don’t forget to ask him if he has a webcam, most guy do and they love to show themselves on cam for you. So act like you like it too. His webcam is a great way to make the time fly because you see him and you can admire him , make comments about what you see ( good comments, always good comments), flatter him but not too much , just enough to make it believable.

Don’t get discouraged if he shows himself on cam and he is already stroking, just compliment him about his body or just his cock if he doesn’t have a great body. Tell him how much you love his cock and how you want it inside you and so on. Ask him if you can see his face too. Try to establish a connection.

Well, we already talked about the fact that you have to look youre best everyday. By the way, unless you are doing some wierd fetish, you have to remove the hair off your legs and genitals. Before you start broadcasting, try to find the angles that compliment you the most. Try to find the positions your are comfortable in and try to change them. Variation is always welcomed.

You can also use toys, they are on high demand among members. I recommend the luxury looking like ones and, besides those, get the realistic ones too, the ones that really look like cocks. That would make the experience more realistic too for the member that watches you, try to use them on full view aswell as on close ups depending on the member’s requests.

Don’t forget your entire show has to be a very sexy one. Your moves have to be alluring and somehow in slow motion, remove your clothes slowly, tease with your body and your face. Your facial expresions are extremely important so keep your face on cam as much as possible. I’ve seen so many models who use the “body without head” type of show, it’s very impersonal and i do not recommend.


If you desire to copy this guide, partially or totally or to translate it in any form and use it, please make refference to the author of the guide. Thank you!

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